Villeneuve, AB - MG-30 Production

Villeneuve is located 20km north west of Edmonton on Hwy 44.

About Villeneuve Upgrader:

  • loading and unloading facilities.
  • Simultaneous truck and rail car loading and unloading
  • 2 million litre Storage
  • Production capacity of 200,000 Litres MG-30/day.
  • Digital loading scale

Villeneuve, AB

Hwy 16 West from Edmonton to Hwy 44 Hwy 44 North

Calling Lake, AB - W 1.32 Production

Calling Lake is the production site of W 1.32 calcium chloride. Calling Lake well site is located 200 Km North of Edmonton.

About Calling Lake Well Site:

  • Subterranean liquid inventory - 200 Million tonnes of reserves
  • Production capacity - 1200 m3 /day (7500 bbls) Consistent identical analysis since 1985
  • Loading 24 hours per day seven days per week.
  • Retain samples on all loads
  • Digital scale and dual loading rack

Calling Lake, AB

Hwy 2 North from Edmonton to Athabasca - 152 km Hwy 813 North From Athabasca - 62km

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