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Dust Control

  • Increases safety through increased visibility on rural roads.
  • Dust particles (fines) are not blown into adjacent homes creating health complications in the human respiratory system...

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Base Stabilization

  • Calcium chloride base stabilization hardens the road surface to reduce rutting from heavy traffic.
  • MG-30 binds the particles in the road surface to create a higher compaction level versus untreated surfaces...

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Sand / Ice Control

Calcium chloride reduces frost heaving caused by the freeze thaw cycle. Deep enetration of calcium chloride can reduce spring and fall maintenance costs by reducing road surface and base maintenance work costs...

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Who we are

Kortech Ltd. is an Alberta owned and operated company that has provided dust control for municipalities, counties, engineering and construction firms utilizing a high grade Calcium Chloride Brine.

Kortech has invested in maintaining the continued supply of high grade Calcium Chloride Brine to users in Western Canada. Our ability to produce over 1.2 millions litres per day, combined with two storage facilities of 8 million litres, ensures our commitment to meeting the seasonal demands of dust control and road building in Western Canada.
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